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I am struggling to access the platform

  1. I did not receive an ABIU Welcome Mailer

      When an AB InBev employee gets added to the platform, they will automated get sent an ABIU Welcome Mailer. This mail provides you with a unique Security Key and a link to the university. If this mail is not in your inbox:
    • Check your spam
    • Search your mailbox with the subject: “Welcome to AB InBev University”
    • If you still cannot find this mail and need your Security Key please contact People Services by logging a call on SNOW using the the following link, SNOW and request a new Security Key.
    • If you cannot find this mail and need the link to the university, click here: https://abi.university
  2. The link in my ABIU Welcome Mailer is not working

    • Not connected to internet - Check that you’re connected to the internet
    • Are you being blocked by a web filter security system?
    • If you are experiencing issues with the link in the mailer copy this link and paste it into your Chrome browser: https://abi.university
  3. I get the error “no person found with provided email address”.

    • Check the spelling of your email address
    • Try using your @ab-inbev.com email address
    • If you are still receiving this error please contact People Services by logging a call on SNOW using the the following link, SNOW and request that your email address be updated.
  4. I have lost or forgotten my Security Key, what do I do?

    • Follow the below steps to reset your Security Key:
      1. Go to https://abi.university
      2. Enter your email address and click "Continue". (The email address needs to exist on the platform - please refer to the above question to resolve having your email address not being found)
      3. If you are presented with entering your password, this means you need to reset your password if you cannot remember it. Click on "Forgotten your password?" and follow the prompts
  5. I have lost or forgotten my password, what do I do?

  6. How do I log a call on SNOW?

    • You can view the process of logging a call using the following link, SNOW Process.
    • You can log a call by visiting the following link, log a SNOW call .

I am having issues with the learning content

  1. My module/assessment/task has not been marked as complete.

    • Please check that you have have completed all elements within the module, including the learning, the task and the assessment to ensure the module marks as complete.
    • If it still doesn’t mark as complete, please log out and back in again.
    • If you are still experiencing issues, please log a SNOW call stating which module/assessment/task you are having an issue with. Please try providing as much detail as possible. Screenshots of the issue would also be helpful.
  2. One of my courses or modules are still locked. How do I access it?

      Greyed out and locked items are not available to you for a number of reasons:

    • You may need to complete another module first in order to unlock it;
    • The course or module may be under construction; or
    • There may not be any learning content loaded at this time.
  3. I have exceeded the maximum number of attempts for an assessment, what now?

    • If your assessment is now locked, your line manager will need to unlock it from their Team Page on ABIU.
    • You will also need to select your line manager from your Profile Page, you can use the following link, Profile Page
  4. I am a manager and cannot see the Team Page or one of my team members.

    • If you cannot see the Team Page please log a call on SNOW using the following link, log a SNOW call and request manager access for ABIU.
    • If your team member does not show up on your Team Page, they will need to select you as their line manager from their profile page, Profile Page.
  5. In the learning mode the right "next" arrow has disappeared?

    • The next arrow in learning mode will disappear if there is a required question to be answered on the current card. As soon as you submit your answer you will be able to advance to the next card.
Log a call on SNOW